Supporting the growth of community football for women and youth football for girls is a key part of London Seaward’s vision and club development strategy. You can find out more about the support we currently provide, and how to contact us about developing this further, below.

In-club youth setup

Unfortunately, London Seaward do not have an in-club youth setup, although our reserves represent a significant development asset.

Developing an internal youth setup is a key strategic goal of London Seaward, as part of our commitment to fostering both girls and women’s football within Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Redbridge and across East London.

We have welcomed the assessment in in the Carney Review, that the significant lack of available pitch access in East London currently limits the ability of clubs such as ourselves to found youth teams. It recommends that local and national government work to address this gap and we agree. We hope this is addressed so that we can expend our in-club youth setup.

If you represent an existing girl’s youth setup looking to fully partner (including the adoption of the London Seaward name) within Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Redbridge or elsewhere in East London, then we would like to hear from you. You can contact us at

Community days, school visits and matchday mascots

As a club we have an active and ongoing programme of community days and school visits aimed at raising the involvement of girls and women in football. These include the opportunity to meet players, activities and games and talks on how to access football, and ways to overcome some of the unique barriers women face.

Where funding is available, we are also happy to organise wider and larger community events in partnership with bodies who would otherwise lack the expertise to do so themselves, such as businesses or local councils

We offer all our community events across the whole of East London, with a particular focus on Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Redbridge, and they are advertised online and locally.

If you wish to know more about planned events, or are a local authority or company wishing to work with us on delivering more, email us at

We also provide a matchday mascot scheme that is open to all youth football clubs and schools, both male and female. This allows their players to participate as on-pitch matchday mascots during London Seaward home games, and includes a meet-and-greet with players.

For details on how to access this scheme, please contact

Club Partnerships

As an independent women’s club, London Seaward place no obligation to change name or kits on adult or youth clubs that wish to partner with us in some way. We’re proud of who we are, and we actively support other clubs who want the same for themselves.

We are proud to be associated with:

Bealonians FC

‘Old Bealonians Football Club’, now known as ‘Bealonians FC’ was founded in 1936. They are an FA Chartered Standard Club at Development Level, soon to be pursuing the Community Level.

Bealonians have approximately 232 youth players within their club setup, providing coaching sessions on Saturday mornings as well as during the week in the evenings. They cater for young players from 4yrs old to 15yrs old, playing their matches on Sundays.

You can find out more about Bealonians on their website

Autistic FC

Autistic FC are an inclusive club, which started as the brain child of Charlie, their founder. Charlie’s idea, after struggling at a mainstream, team was to create a team for Autistic children.

This idea was verbalized in his back garden in 2019 and Charlie’s family and others got to work to create his dream team. Today, Autistic FC represents a safe environment for autistic children to be understood and be themselves. Both in life and on the pitch.

You can find out more about Autistic FC on their website.

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