Technology and Society

Technology and Society, represented online by, is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor for London Seaward FC.

As president, I support the team’s commitment to removing barriers to football for all who wish to participate, whether at the recreational level or as an elite player representing East London. Similarly, my work as a technical writer and online training course developer makes knowledge available to those who seek it.

Throughout the 2022/3 season, I will share resources available to you locally, such as those accessed through the Waltham Forest library system, and online through efforts such as Microsoft’s Global Skills Initiative. I also plan to develop specific resources to share freely with the London Seaward community.

You can learn more about me and what I do on I look forward to a successful season with London Seaward and hope to see you at a match or two at Wadham Lodge!

Curtis Frye
President, Technology and Society

Photo credit: Addie Mannan Photography