As a club, a number of values drive everything we do. These values were chosen by our players, and lie at the heart of who we are, and who we strive to be.


Respect in football is built through valuing those around you, both as teammates and people, with integrity, openness and honesty.

At London Seaward, we value our identity as a club and the diverse backgrounds of those within it. We are passionate about building a strong, supportive and respectful environment, striving to get the best out of ourselves and each other.

Knowledge may give you power but character will build respect

Bruce Lee


I have always found it important to play with passion. Passion drives the desire to win within myself, and helps me lift others around me on the pitch to be the best we can.

London Seaward FC team member

Passion is love. I love the commitment and the effort the players exhibit every time they show up to learn and compete. Their passion for the game makes it real pleasure to work with them. I believe the love in which we do things is shown in how we play.

London Seaward FC team member


Inclusivity to me means that whoever you are, whatever your story, you are welcome in the Seaward family. At Seaward, it is so important for everyone to feel included, valued and appreciated – our difference stories and experiences make us stronger, make us who we are.

London Seaward FC team member


Enjoyment is the key motivation we all have in playing football for London Seaward. The club provides us with an outlet to feel good, confident and be a part of something special. We want to ensure everybody has this positive and fun environment to develop as footballers and enjoy the journey with Seaward.

London Seaward FC team member

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